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Hundred Hours Entertainment Overview

Growing up in a heavily musically influenced family is one of the main factors that led to brothers Trovoy Dixon and Renardo Dixon launching their label, Hundred Hours Entertainment.

The two recognized their musical niche around the same time during their pre adolescent years, being that they are only two years apart.

Both grew up in the community of Deeside in the parish of Trelawny (Jamaica) before migrating to the United States in recent years.

For Trovoy, he had his eyes set on production but understood that acquiring knowledge about how the industry navigates would aid in pursuing his passion and as such studied the business aspects of music before venturing into production full time.

While in college, Renardo began honing his musical talents as a disc jock which led to him having a decade long career in the field before venturing into production.

In 2021 the brothers decided that they would launch Hundred Hours Entertainment in representation of them working one hundred hours per week.

For their first release, the label released The Street Hours Riddim, a collaborative project with Crown Media House.

This project features tracks from heavyweights such as; Jada Kingdom (ESQ Til Death), Malie Don (Rich Chick), Tatik (Run Di Place) Boogzino ( Boiling Sun), Iwaata (Catscan) and Darrio

( Currency) and managed to make its way to several international charts.

After gaining much recognition on an international scale, the labels collaborated again for their second release; ‘One Life’ by Jada Kingdom, a track that effectively set a sensual mode for Christmas 2022.

Hundred Hours Entertainment is fueled by devotion and resilience backed by a vision brought to life through dedication and the shared aspirations of two brothers who are determined to continue making a positive impact on the music industry.

In Everything We Do, We Put In Overtime- Hundred Hours

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